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for some college students at indianapolis. this was today's assignment for a group of forensic students. the class is called investigating post blast crime scenes. after the cars blow up, students face a challenge of piecing them back together and finding what caused the explosion. >>> you can find the next story under, boy, did he have had coming. he is an inebriated man in florida. check out this call he made to 911. >> this is 911. >> i need -- i need a -- i need a ride. >> you need a ride? >> yes. to the liquor store. >> oh, i don't think so, dude. now, that was his first call to 911. after he did it a second time, police went to his motel room and gave him a warning. do it again and you'll get a ride all right. you guessed it. he dialed. and officers gave him a ride straight to central booking. >>> are you feeling at all annoyed, a bit irritated? we're asking because washington dc has just been ranked the third most irritating city in america. this is according to spurling's best places. that is a research firm. we sent alex to find out what gets on people's nerves. >> you can walk
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1